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Jason & Meredith, NE Portland 
"Working with Mel was a great experience. We had the fortune of consulting with her on two separate occasions. Initially, we had partnered with her after our decision to move across town. Mel spent a lot of time listening to us about our needs, and clearly had a deep knowledge of all the Portland neighborhoods. Looking to cast a wide net, Mel took time to really show us the breadth of communities on the West side. She was diligent to ensure we experienced a lot of what was on the market, in a very small window of time. Although a move to the west side was not in the cards for us, a move across country soon was. And Mel moved on a dime to get us in a position to sell our NE Portland home. Within days of deciding to take a job in the Midwest, Mel had us totally confident and comfortable with the idea of selling our first house. She was great about navigating us through the selling process and was extremely patient with us as we sorted out our move. Her knowledge and professionalism allowed for us to get the house staged, on the market, and sold all while being located out of state, 2,000 miles away from Oregon. At every turn, she was quick to call with information and advice to get the deal done, and get our house sold. Mel has an amazing attitude and a really positive outlook that made our partnership so effortless and stress free."

Berta & Bill, NE Portland 
"My husband and I recently bought a house in Concordia. This was a complicated process since our permanent residence is in Memphis, TN. We have purchased 5 homes during our 52 years of marriage. However, working with Mel made this process a joy. Mel answered every question promptly and with joy. Through negotiations, she was quick to respond and advocate for us. With the shortage of appraisers in Portland, we had further complications, but Mel guided us flawlessly through it. Her language was filled with positivity and
enthusiasm. Her attention to detail was phenomenal. Once the sale was finalized, she did not drop us but continued to show interest in us by offering to help us rent furniture while ours is being made. She further helped us by sending comps for our neighborhood since we used cash and are refinancing to meet the sellers demands. Through the purchase of 5 homes in our lifetime----in Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, and Tennessee, she is the best realtor that we have had the pleasure of doing business." 

Aaron & Ethan, SE Portland 
"Mel was my parents’ Realtor a few years ago. My parents had such a good experience with Mel that they recommended my partner and I contact her when we decided to buy a home. From the beginning of my very first email response from Mel, I could tell I made the right choice. Mel was always amazingly enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful.

My partner and I had a very short window of time in which to vacate our apartment, look for a home and take care of the long list of necessary home buying logistics. We were extremely worried that we wouldn’t be able to find a place in a timely manner. Mel assuaged our fears from the very beginning. She was able to expedite our home buying process in a way I assumed was impossible. Her experience, expertise and savvy granted her the ability to make important steps and processes happen much faster than we expected. Mel always stayed in very close touch, regardless of the time of day. Because of Mel’s tireless work ethic, we were able to be in our new home much sooner than expected.

Mel truly can’t be recommended enough. The process of buying a home is extremely stressful, but Mel is the very best person to successfully guide you through the process."

Debbie & Dave, NE Portland 
"We were introduced to Mel by our daughter and son-in-law when we first contemplated buying a house in NE Portland - a year ago. One of the main criteria was that the house had to be within walking distance of our daughter's. The real estate market is super hot and before we knew it, we were in a bidding war. Since we were not in need to move immediately, we decided to 'keep looking' until the right unit came on the market.

The right unit finally came on the market, we decided to make an offer but there was a major hurdle in the way. We were leaving for an extended overseas vacation within two days and as a result, everything had to be done electronically. With Mel's great guidance, the escrow process went smoothly and we were able to close escrow as scheduled. 

Looking through my records, over the course of over a year, Mel sent us over 300 listings in the areas of our interest. She did not waiver in her determination to find us a unit to purchase and her persistence and perseverance finally paid off royally for us. Where other Realtors would have given up the pursuit, Mel kept her ears and nose to the ground. Mel's pleasant personality is a joy to work with and no request is too hard for her. Her knowledge of the industry and market made our decisions easy to make."

Alexis, SE Portland 
"I recently worked with Mel George to buy my first home. She came recommended by friends who had recently purchased theirs and if I ever buy a second home, I'll work with Mel again.

It was a lengthy process, over a year from when Mel and I first sat down together to when we closed on my house. We viewed maybe a dozen homes and put offers in on three, spending countless hours on the phone and writing emails. The home that I finally purchased had a number of special conditions to figure out. Mel was a tough negotiator and worked closely with my lender to solve problems as they arose. It really felt like the three of us were on a winning team together.

What I especially valued about the experience working with Mel is how empathetic she was with me as a first time home buyer. I imagine we're not the easiest clients; more gun-shy, more fraught with anxiety at every step. Our highs are higher and our lows are lower. But not once did Mel appear frustrated or impatient with me. She was always available, always responding to my question and concerns quickly and warmly. In many ways it felt like Mel was wearing the hats of a realtor and counselor at the same time, seeing her role as not only getting me into the house, but making sure I was as happy and healthy as possible along the way. It was exactly what I needed."

Molly, NE Portland 
"Mel found my first home in NE Portland in 2010. I could not have been more fortunate to experience my first home buying experience than I was working with Mel. Her knowledge of the Portland area, market and how to calm buyers' fears, and answer their multitude of questions in a timely manner is exceptional. From lenders to contractors, Mel has an amazing team of experts to refer her clients to so that the entire process is seamless. Mel is so professional, experienced and personable, that I called her immediately when we decided to sell that little gem of a house six years later in 2016. The sale experience was even more exciting than the buying process! There was a line of buyers at the open house, and multiple offers made. Mel walked me through from beginning to end with ease and professionalism. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor in the Portland area."

Jennifer & David, N & SW Portland 
"We used Mel to sell our house in Portsmouth and find a new home across town. We chose Mel because she sold a house across the street from ours a year ago. We saw that house sell a few years before and from the moment we walked into it the second time we knew we would call Mel if we ever had to sell. We loved working with Mel and would definitely use her again. She's great. She had a plan for us from day one, kept us updated, and everything happened pretty much exactly as she said it would. Moving is always hectic but Mel makes it as stress-free as possible. It's always nice to have a personable realtor, and Mel is certainly that. But she also gave us invaluable comments and ideas on our walk-throughs of potential houses. Mel is the absolute best and we felt perfectly secure having her walk us through these big decisions."

Emily, NW Portland/Downtown 
"Mel is the BEST REALTOR EVER. I’ve bought and sold several houses over the last 10 years and never had an experience even close to what I’ve had with Mel, who has now sold two properties for me. The first house had been on the market for almost a year during the down economy when we finally decided to make the switch to Mel. Mel came highly recommended by a mutual friend, and she came in with a bang—so professional, determined, and well-versed in her trade, but with such a thoughtful, kind and caring personal touch. We were discouraged and frustrated and she knew just what to do.  She brought in her stagers, and marketed the home like it had never been before. It sold within weeks for very close to full price! 

More recently, and because of my wonderful previous experience with Mel, I wouldn’t have dreamed of calling anyone else to sell my condo.  A very hot real estate market presented different challenges, with multiple bids, condo financing deals, and cash offers, but Mel had the knowledge and expertise for navigating all of it.  Mel was there every step of the way, always so responsive and helpful in the weighing of some very tough decisions.

Mel is incredibly ethical and trustworthy, never putting her own agenda above what was best for me, which is sometimes hard to find.  I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my real estate needs.  Mel is one of a kind!"

Allie & Wyatt, NE Portland & SW Portland 
"Mel came to us highly recommended by a mutual friend.  They had such success selling their home that we could only hope our process would be half as easy.  From the beginning, Mel brought a sweetness and understanding that made the whole process easier.  I was concerned about working with someone that was just interested in the bottom line, but she listened to our concerns and made sure to ask us about our favorite characteristics of the home to help us highlight the desirable aspects.

We also loved her professionalism, and the fact that she works closely with a staging company who wanted to showcase the beauty of our older home.  Through all steps she was easily reachable and made sure to explain all the steps we were going through in selling our home (not to mention buying a new one).  We highly recommend Melissa George if you are planning on buying or selling a home."

Annette, NW Portland  
"As a first time buyer, you can only imagine the anxiety and fears that come with searching for a place to buy. A close friend referred me to Mel. I had never used a broker before. I was pleasantly surprised with Mel from the very first contact. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and personable. 

Thank goodness I had her looking for me, as I had a short period of time to find a place. She quickly responded to my requests of what I wanted to find in a place. I now have a wonderful place to call home. I absolutely love my place and am so grateful to her! It was a smooth process thanks to Mel and I am very satisfied with the results. I would highly recommend using her if you are looking to purchase a home or condo. I would definitely use her again. Thanks so much Mel!" 

Kayla, Milwaukie  
"Mel was referred to me by a friend as being an extremely knowledgeable and experienced Realtor for first-time buyers. I bought my first home with Mel this summer and the experience seemed less daunting with her on my side. Mel is not pushy, which I appreciated immensely. She was quick with advice, knowledge and market information when I requested it but her approach isn't to overwhelm her clients into a decision. She's happy to help you get there on your own. She was patient in our search, with my limited budget and priorities and was encouraging when things looked dire. She was not willing to let me settle just so she could close the sale and move on. When I found my house, she moved fast and she knew how to put together the best offer. I'd recommend her to any home buyer–especially in this market."

Michaela, Tigard 
"It’s a family affair. Mel helped my daughter and son-in-law find the perfect home for their family. When I began looking for a home, my daughter said Mel was the best and she’s correct. Mel tirelessly walked us through many homes before finding the perfect fit for me. Once found she made sure as the buyer I was well protected during the buying process. I now have a beautiful home perfect for me."

Nick & Christine, N Portland 
"Mel helped us purchase our first home in 2015 and we could not have been happier with the way she guided us along the stressful process of purchasing our first home. We were fortunate in that the very first house we put an offer on we ended up purchasing and we owe this to Mel's hard work in crafting a good offer. Mel has considerable experience in home remodeling and if you are looking at purchasing a home that might need some work then Mel will be an invaluable resource in looking at the skeleton and nervous system of the house to determine what work needs to be done. We have remained in contact with Mel over the last few years and she remains my go to resource for any PDX real estate questions. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone in in need of help buying or selling."

Alan & Sara, N Portland 
"It was a pleasure working with Mel; her knowledge and expertise made all the difference in us finally obtaining the right home. We would highly recommend using Mel to anyone in Portland or the surrounding area needing a realtor."

Ron & Vona, Gladstone 
"We met Mel by chance as she was showing us a Realty Trust property listed by another agent. My wife and I knew immediately that night we had found the right agent to assist us in our search for a new home. Having been in our current home for 25 years, we had many questions and wanted to look at many properties to find the right home.

Mel was extremely professional during this at times challenging process. Life is very busy and finding time to house shop can at times be difficult, Mel was available to show homes, answer many many questions and be a real partner in this process. Though we have found our perfect home for our family and don’t anticipate another purchase in the near future we have comfort knowing that if and when that day comes Mel will be there for us and as a referral for our friends and family."

Erin & Jake, N Portland 
"Mel has been a close friend of ours for years. When we began looking for a home, she was the only one we trusted to guide us through the process. We heard rave reviews from friends and acquaintances, touting her professionalism and dedication; little did we know exactly how hard she worked and how her decision making and determination would land us our dream home.

Over the course of 4 months and touring nearly 50 homes in a very competitive market, we were becoming disheartened. With Mel's consistent support and tenacity, everything fell into place. She discovered a listing that could have been easily overlooked and recommended that we go see it immediately. Our timeline, due to work and holiday travel, made the viewing nearly impossible but Mel made it happen. We fell in love with the house immediately -- we submitted an offer and were thrilled when she called to give us the good news!

Mel's expert knowledge and tireless approach helped us keep a level head in what can be a very emotional process. We've been in our new home just over a week now and feel extremely grateful. You simply could not ask for a better Realtor. We'd recommend her to anyone without hesitation."

Cheryl, NW Portland  
"Mel did it.  Mel sold my land.  And she did it in just a few months. After working with other Realtors over the course of several long years (and long-distance from Southern California), I had given up hope thinking I had undeniably the most difficult piece of land to sell in all of Portland. Then came Mel. She is positive, energetic, excited, engaging, creative, knowledgeable, professional, patient, and the hardest working Realtor EVER. When I received notice there was an interested buyer, I about hit the floor. In a serious time of need, she closed the deal. Thank you Mel!"  

Drew, N Portland  
"Finding a good real estate agent is like finding a good doctor. You want someone you can trust, is professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and most importantly: honest. You will find all of these qualities in Mel. When I was ready to sell my home, I was overwhelmed by the number of homes in my neighborhood that were also for sale. Mel always had a very professional approach to the preparation and listing of my home. I accepted an offer above asking price four days after listing.

Whether you are buying or selling, do not hesitate to contact Mel. I can say without doubt, Mel made this transition as stress free as it possibly could have been. I will be contacting her for all of my future real estate needs, and personally referring her to anyone I know in need of a real estate agent."

Jennie & Abe, NE Portland  
"We recommend Mel without hesitation. She is knowledgable, hard-working, unfailingly professional and generally a good time to be around. Buying or selling a house is a stressful and emotional experience at times, and Mel has the perfect demeanor for the job. She worked with us for almost a year to first buy our new home and then in turn sell our old one. Working with picky, know-it-all architects like us can't be the easiest assignment, but she gave good, steady advice, whatever the hour. Our home purchase was fairly complicated, with an extended inspection period focused on serious foundation issues. Throughout, Mel was able to guide us through the negotiations and the battery of inspections. She obviously had a lot of great knowledge and experience, but she was also able to tell us when something was new to her and where we might find the answer. She went the extra mile and treated us with the utmost of respect. We couldn't be more happy with how it all turned out."

Rachel & Mark, SE Portland 
"Stop. Stop right now. Stop looking for a Realtor. Just work with Mel. You won’t regret it. Here are five reasons to work with Mel:

  1. She’s super cool. Mel made the process fun and easy.
  2. She’s super fast. Before the home inspector even put his pencil down, Mel was already on the phone with contractors, scheduling estimates. And her emails move like lightning.
  3. She’s super patient. Our home search lasted 6 months. Mel never pressured us.
  4. She’s super knowledgeable. Mel always knew what red flags to watch for, and which experts to call.
  5. She’s super committed. When the repair addendum got complicated, Mel stayed tough and kept the deal on the rails. 

Here is one reason NOT to work with Mel:

  1. Having Mel on your team would make everyone else super jealous."

Arien & Kathleen, SE Portland 
"We were looking for our first home for about a year when Mel was recommended by a colleague. She was the positive energy we needed to keep pushing through the tough real estate market. It took almost another year to find our beautiful home, but Mel encouraged us all the way! She was patient, had our best interest in mind, answered every little question we had, was our cheerleader, extremely knowledgeable (pointing out important aspects of each home that we had never considered before/noticed), and really listened to what we had to say. As first time home buyers, we also really appreciated that she spoke realistically to us about being competitive. If not for Mel, we would still be in our tiny apartment. Thank you so much for supporting us and for making such a (dare I say it) tedious task, so worthwhile."

Jim and Bonnie Bostrom

"When we first arrived in Portland Mel was referred to us and she found us the perfect house. She was helpful, not only in finding our house but also in finding all sorts of good tradespeople to help with renovations after we bought. So, when we decided to move out of state, the only person we thought of was Mel as she had remained a very kind resource for years.

She gave us excellent advice about how to prep our home for the market, (something we had never experienced as we have bought and sold 7 houses), and our home received an offer on the third day. We accepted and she guided us beautifully through the process. We had experienced a full circle with her.

If you want to buy or sell a home, you will be with the best there is: Mel George."

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